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Size Length Uses
Large 12.6" clamp
14.1" rod
7/16" dia.
Large chip bags, pet food, popcorn,
Costco-size frozen foods and dry goods
Medium 8.6" clamp
10.1" rod
7/16" dia.
Cereal, packaged foods, small chip bags
Small 5.1" clamp
6.6" rod
7/16" dia.
Coffee, spices, tea, chocolates
Skinny-Mini 4.6" clamp
5.1" rod
1/8" dia.
Parts, chemicals
Tweener 5.75" clamp
6.25" rod
1/4" dia.
Coffee-bag specific
The sizes above include most popular bag sizes, but it’s easy to cut your Clip-n-Seals to any size you desire -- check our Mondo industrial sizes, it's 40 inches long! Pruning shears do a great job of cutting through Clip-n-Seals. Please take care during the cutting operation–we want to maintain our record of zero Clip-n-Seal-related injuries. (By the way, no matter what size Clip-n-Seal you order, the rod is 1.5 inches longer than the clamp. This makes it easier to pull the clip apart, and you’ll want to maintain that ratio when you cut your Clip-n-Seal to size.)